Experiencing Nano Cocktail at Nano Philosophy, Grand Indonesia

11:14 PM


I got the voucher to experience the Ozone Therapy and Nano Cocktail Treatment at Nano Philosophy (worth around IDR 3,8 million) from a friend. It was my very first infusion so I was excited (and scared at the same time, lol).

Happy (and scared) kind of face!

I chose the closest Nano Philosophy to my office, which is in Grand Indonesia (near Martha Tilaar store). I went here with my friend, Tia. After registration, me and Tia have to wait for a moment, while they prepare the treatment room. The waiting room was cozy, but there were only 2 seats though. The treatment room fits 2 persons with a tea table in the middle

Nano Philosophy Grand Indonesia

 Treatment tools

Finding my veins

So, first the staff tried to find my vein and it seemed that they failed at the first try so they had to try it again. It wasn't as hurt as I imagined at first. It felt like being pinched. They struggled quite a lot because I (unconsciously) moved my arm quite a lot. So sorry! After everything was settled, they served us drink. Great service!!

Anyways, I'm ready for my Ozone Therapy and Nano Cocktail!

Ozone Therapy
Basically, Nano Philosophy's Ozone Therapy cleans the arteries and veins while stimulating the production of white blood cells. It cleans the blood passage ways and purifies blood and lymph. It also prevent and reverse stroke damage, detoxify the blood, regulate the immune system and improve brain function. Since I'm having many activities lately, this regulation of the immune system is really what I need! It took around 10 minutes for this treatment and after that, I feel more fresh!

Ozone therapy liquid

Preparing for Nano Cocktail Treatment

Nano Cocktail
We need to balance our body's internal needs. Nano Philosophy's Nano Cocktail has all the essential vitamins and minerals that our body need to maintain our healthy. Regular Nano Cocktail infusions will help you increase body vitality, energy, faster recovery and (most importantly) improve mood, memory and concentration. It's also help you to keep calm and relax and boost energy. Yup! So many benefits in one treatment. It took around 20 minutes for the Nano Cocktail

Nano Philosophy Composition

The liquid color is yellow-ish. At the treatment, my arm felt so stiff and it kind of hurt. After the treatment, I didn't feel really good. But on the next day, I feel really great!! Try it yourself and feel all the benefits :)

Effect: 8 / 10
Ambience: 8,5 / 10
Service: 8 / 10

Nano Philosophy
Grand Indonesia, West Mall 3F

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