Restaurant Review: SL Lounge, Thamrin

5:44 AM

Few days ago, my company (PT Media Makmur) celebrated it's 2nd anniversary at this restaurant, SL Lounge. It's located in Jl. Teluk Betung, right beside Grand Indonesia, Thamrin. 

The restaurant is quite cozy. There's also a private room if you want to hold a meeting or gathering. The paintings on the wall are also sold. The foods are Italian and Asian oriented. Sadly, some of the food are sold out when I came there :(
 SL Lounge

Breads - FREE
After my friends and I ordered, they gave us this plate of bread. The breads were delicious! Even more delicious if you add the butter! 

Aglio Olio (Angel Hair Pasta) - Rp 65,000
You can choose the pasta between spaghetti or angel hair, and the fillings between smoked beef, chicken, or seafood. The taste was great. A little bit too oily though. And the way they served the garlic bread, it made this dish look like a grave yard, lol.

Balinese Roasted Chicken - Rp 75,000
Boneless chicken with mango salad, rice and sambal. The taste was a bit spicy and sweet at the same time. The roasted chicken was crispy. Love this dish!


Hot Chicken Wings - Rp 45,000
Served with cheese sauce and vegetable sticks, The chicken wings are delicious, but this dish's plating is a little bit.......... empty. 

Fish & Chips - Rp 85,000
Dory fish, fries, salad with tartar sauce. The fish was cooked great and the fries was seasoned well. The portion is a little bit too small I think. Haha.

Cannelloni Chicken & Mushroom - Rp 70,000
Mozzarella cream topped. It was my first time eat a cannelloni, stuffed with chicken, mushroom and tomato pure. Love the savoriness, really delicious!

Taste: 8 / 10
Neatness: 8 /10
Ambiance: 8 / 10
Service: 8 / 10

SL Lounge
Jl. Teluk Betung No. 44,Thamrin, Jakarta 14230
Ph: 021 3900505

Anyway, HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY, PT MEDIA MAKMUR!!! Thank you for having me here <3

Thank you for reading!


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