Avène Eau Thermale Sun Care Series - Launching Event & Review

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Around 2 weeks ago, I got the invitation for Avène Eau Thermale latest sun care series launching event from Hanna of Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Avène is one of the skin care product from Avène, south-east French. It started with a horse with a skin decease found a thermal spring near Avène. After drinking and rolling in its waters, the horse's coat became shiny again and it's skin decease was cured. A few years later, the first thermal spring facility was built. In 2013, after twelve years of research, Avène discovered a unique microflora in Avène Thermal Spring Water: Aqua Dolomite, which calms itch and irritation. And in 2015, Avène Eau Thermale launches a new sun care line.

Fellow beauty bloggers at the event

Avène Eau Thermal Spring Water & Avène Sun Care

The sun care launching event was started with a dance performance and speech from Mr. Frederich Charles, Manager of Pierre Fabre ASEAN. After that, all the VIPs do the champagne toast as the sign of Avène Eau Thermale sun care series launching. Dr. Aryani Sudhamono (owner of Senopati Skin Center), also explained about the importance of using sunscreen. The event was closed by the performance from Astrid. Such a beautiful voice, she has!

Talkshow with Dr. Aryani

Astrid's performance

The Importance of Using Sunscreen
One of the reason why our skin condition is changing is because it is 'kissed' by the UV rays. There are two kinds of UV rays: UVB which makes our skin burnt (sunburn) and UVA which is one of the cause of skin cancer. Therefore, we need extra protection for our skin, by using sunscreen. Especially in a tropical country like Indonesia. The usage of sunscreen is good for your skin's beauty and health. Apply your sunscreen in all over your body. The ideal is using your sunscreen every 90 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, please aware that you may not be able to use any kind of skin care. But, worry no more! Avène Eau Thermale made a premium skin care which is safe for the sensitive skin!

Avène Sun Care
Avène sun care contains three fabulous things that makes it different with other sun care products: photopretection agent which can protect your beautiful skin from the danger of UVA and UVB, anti radical agent (anti aging) and Avène Thermal Spring Water which helps your skin calm and keep it moisturized. Avène sun care is water proof, so you can use it for swimming session! On top of that, it's paraben-free and non-comedogenic, so it's safe to be used in both face and body. It smells nice too.

The packaging. Perfect travel size!

Pump packaging, which means hygiene guaranteed!

The cream's texture is a bit thick, blends easily when applied. 
Didn't leave any whitey-effect on skin like any other sunscreen. 

Avène Eau Thermal Spring Water (ATSW)
Since 1736, ATSW is known that it can calm and soften sensitive skin. ATSW came from the spring in the Orb Valley, Cevennes Mountain, south Paris, France. This spring's temperature is constant, 25,6 Celsius degrees, microba-free and contains pH 7,5 (almost neutral). ATSW can soothes redness and calms itching sensation. To sum it up, ATSW can turn your skin into its normal condition.

Ingredients: Avène thermal spring water (100%) to soothes and softens your skin, nitogen (gas) non-flammable and ozone friendly.

Dermatological care:
  • • Post surgery  
  • • Post procedure  
  • • Redness-prone skin / inflammation  
  • • Keratosis-prone, scaly skin 
  • • Eczema / atopic dermatitis 
  • • Allergic reactions / sensitive skin / irritation  
  • • Burning / stinging / itching / tingling

Daily care:
  • • After cleansing 
  • • After shaving/after waxing  
  • • After exercise  
  • • During travel  
  • • Sunburn, burns 
  • • Diaper rash  
  • • To set makeup

The 50 ml packaging. Also available at 150 and 300 ml.

Spray it to soothe your skin

Sprayed it on my hand. Absorb quickly to the skin.

I used it in my daily activity to keep my skin smooth and fresh!
Spray it to your face, and you will feel refreshed!

If you guys want to know more about Avène Skin Care, kindly visit them:
Twitter: @Avene_Skincare

P.s., I really recommend these two for you! :)

Thank you for reading! See you on the next post~


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