Restaurant Review: Kedai Roti Bakar Keibar - Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

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This Roti Bakar Keibar is some sort of street food that serves toasts, noodles, and snacks. This place is really famous in Tangerang Selatan! There are 2 Keibars in here, one in Ciputat and the other one is in Pamulang. I visited the one located in Ciputat. The parking lot is huge and the whole area is smoking area. They also had musholla in the back.

Wooden table and chair. Well decorated wall!

It's crowded!

There are many choices of light snacks here. Here's what I ordered:

1. Crols Beef Croquette - Rp 8,000
Actually, Crols is like a pop up store inside Keibar. The payment will also be seperated.
Rated: 7 / 10
Taste: Savory, so-so
Note: When I open up this croquette, the inside was really red. I think it's from the beef.

2. Roti Bakar Bemacho (Bemacho Toast) - Rp 16,000
This toast is filled with beef, egg and cheese, with mayonnaise on top. I ordered this because the name is really interesting (macho toast, lol)
Rated: 7.5 / 10
Taste: Savory. meat and egg are great. The bread's texture was good, but it's a little bit burnt...

When you open it... Yum!

3. Roti Bakar Cokelat (Chocolate Toast), toppings: green tea ice cream + froot loops - Rp 17,500
Yes! You can choose any toppings you want (with additional price). I choose these toppings just because I want my toast to be colorful.
Rated: 8 / 10
Taste: Sweet! You can taste the green tea flavor of the ice cream. Great bread texture.

4. Roti Bakar Nutella (Nutella Toast) - Rp 12,000
This is just ordinary toast, with nutella all over it. Calling out the nutella lovers!
Rated: 7.5 / 10
Taste: Sweet, so-so.


I had a really great time here! The toasts was great, super puffy bread. The price was affordable too! Ordering 2-3 toasts is enough to satisfy your stomach, I will definitely come back here for more.
You should come and taste it for yourself!

Ambiance: 7 / 10
Service: 7.5 / 10

Kedai Roti Keibar
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, no 75L, Ciputat
(Near UMJ)

Find out more about them in:
Twitter: @keibarr
Instagram: @kedaikeibar


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