WHAT’S INSIDE MY BAG FOR MUDIK 2015: 1-Day Acuvue Define

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It’s been 3 weeks of Ramadhan, which means Eid Al-Fitr is getting closer! One thing that I’m excited the most about Eid is mudik. Mudik is a Indonesian word for going back to your home town in Eid season. My hometown is Bandung (actually my parents’, because I was born and raised in Jakarta). Normally, it’ll take me around 2-3 hours to Bandung. BUT, in mudik season, it’ll take you more than 5 hours! It’s because everyone is going back to their hometowns too. Therefore, I always pack my essential things for mudik. This is it!

Wallet – Of course, it is the most important thing. Money, ID card and other essential things are here.

Watch – In order to know the time. I don’t really like to take out my phone just to see the time. Since I have used a watch in my left hand since forever, I don’t really like it when I don’t wear my watch, lol.

Nivea Lip Balm – My lips are super dry. Therefore, I always apply lip balm on it to keep it moist.

Bath & Bodyworks Hand Sanitizer – I always keep my hands as clean as possible! I choose hand sanitizer from Bath & Bodyworks because I really love the smell.

Eau Thermale Avene – Spray it to the face and I will be refreshed!

Aqua Mineral Water & Soyjoy Banana – Just in case I have to break my fasting during the trip, I have something to drink and to eat.

1-Day Acuvue Define – Last but no least! My throat may feel dry during fasting, but my eyes will never feel dry, thanks to 1-Day Acuvue Define! Since there will be so much moments to capture (with me inside it of course), these softlens will keep my eyes looking pretty and healthy.

Why 1-Day Acuvue Define?

I’ve been in love with 1-Day Acuvue Define since the first day I tried it. It’s super comfort and it’s not itchy. My favorite one is the Accent Style, it makes my eyes (effortlessly) gorgeous! And we can throw it away after we use it, which is great for trip! The softlens is also thin, makes it easy to put on. I need to look pretty on the Eid day and I trust 1-Day Acuvue Define for that.

My all-time favorite softlens, 1-Day Acuvue Define.

Look how thin it is!

These are my essential things, what are yours? ;)


Anyways, don't forget to join #BerbagiACUVUE contest with your best friend! You can win 1-Day Acuvue Define :)

The rules are super simple;
  1. Like and Follow Acuvue Indonesia's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  2. Mention 1 friend you'd like to give 1-Day Acuvue Define to, share how much you love them on Acuvue Indonesia's Facebook Page or mention @acuvueid on Twitter / Instagram. Don't forget to put the hashtag #PengalamanPertama #BerbagiACUVUE

10 winners will receive 4 boxes of  30 pcs of 1-Day Acuvue Define each worth Rp 1,560,000.

Good luck 


See you on the next post!


#PengalamanPertama #AcuvueDefine

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  1. Suka banget sama kalimat ini "my eyes will never feel dry" hahahahah <3


  2. Hehe, memang juara banget nih Acuvue aku pake suka berjam-jam juga gak pernah kering lohhh


  3. Setuju bgt dehh kl lenses dr Acuvue ini bs bikin kita effortlessly gorgeous. Hihihi


  4. ACUVUE 1-Day Define ini paling mantep yak kalo dibawa mudik & travel jauh-jauh, ga ribet soalnyaa, comfortable pula. Selamat mudik yah Marga :D

    1. Makasih banyak! Hihi. Kamu juga selamat berlibur :D

  5. Dimana-mana post nya mudik, aku keman ini, hueeee
    Keren deh nanti mudik nya tanpa kacamata yah ^^

    eh, baru nulis lagi nih aku, main main yo ^^


  6. Aaaaah, suka banget sama postingan ini. Foto2nya keren deeh *ngiri*. Sayang aku nggak mudik. Tapi tips ini bisa diterapkan juga kalau pergi jalan2 yaa.... Thanks for the tips!


  7. Selamat mudiiik kaaak.
    Aaaahhh one day acuvue define emang bener bener sahabat buat mata kita dihari raya :)

  8. Eid mubarak margaaa! Mata kinclong, bikin semangat ketemu sodara ngga? :D